Part I: Christmas Oranges.

Clockwise from top left: GRACE by Grace Coddington ($35); Sid Mashburn African Beads ($35); Morgan Parish Moors pouch in tangerine ($160); The Hillside & Co. selvedge floral indigo discharge print belt ($55); Yu-Be skin cream ($16); Dream Collective Astrid cuff ($172); Old Fashioned Orange Marmalade ($12); Hermes "Arcs en Ciel" jersey silk scarf ($620); Johnston's cashmere fingerless gloves ($48); Hand-painted ornament ($8); Leather password book ($42); The Duffaluffagus ($90).

Four more on the way, and if you want to see last year's gift guides click here.


Amielle said…
Oh my goodness! This is absolutely wonderful! Really want to get my hands on that bag now. Can't wait to see the rest!
Elizabeth H. said…
Love everything; the African beads will be mine.

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