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If you remember back in July, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams did a Q+A for the blog which featured a shot of her wearing a blue Great Gatsby sweatshirt from Out of Print Clothing. Fast forward to three months later, I discovered Out of Print on Fab, a newly relaunched (and new to me) design-focused e-commerce site with great prices on everything from Cy Twombly reproductions to free-range heritage turkeys. Yes.

The Out of Print Clothing sale went live on Monday (apparently most sales stay up for 3-7 days). In that same vein, I also LOVE these posters by Monster Gallery, which just went live this morning.
They also have vintage goods on the site, like old cameras from A&V Photo Supply, and treasures from Kasbah Vintage. I think Fab is my holiday shopping friend this year.


Unknown said…
I spend WAY too much time (and money) on, where else would I get a USB magnetic bracelet, or a water-powered clock?
Nomadic D. said…
Cool! Fab is new to me now too, thanks for the tip! Have to say, I am loving the Out of Print pieces. So damn good! Wish they had a more permanent online space.
Amielle said…
Oh wow. Thank you for pointing this out! I'll have to go check it out. Not that I need to be lusting after/buying anything new. :p
Out of Print said…
@Nomadic - Not sure if you were referring to us when you mentioned "a more permanent online space", but just in case you were... we are online at Thanks!

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