ICON | Isabel Marant

Photo of Isabel Marant via The Wall Street Journal.

This is an excerpt from the WSJ's 20 Odd Questions: Isabel Marant. It's a great read and further cements Marant as one of the coolest tomboys on Earth.

Thanks AK.


Anonymous said…
LOVE this blog and all the cool things you find. Are you familiar with the new SF shop Mill Mercantile? It's got your taste down to a tee featuring awesome classic womenswear. Thought you'd enjoy --

Anonymous said…
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Lizzie said…
Yes, I looooove them! I need to do a post about Mill, thanks for reminding me!
Mamavalveeta03 said…
Isabel is so adorable. Just look at that gorgeous smile! I hope she now sees herself for how beautiful she truly is.

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