SCENE | The Andover Shop

I just got back from a weekend on the East Coast—the leaves are just about to begin their color migration and that back-to-school energy is lingering heavy in the air. It reminded me of Septembers past where I'd find myself sifting through trousers, watch bands, scarves and the best collection of ribbon belts known to man at The Andover Shop. Every chance I could get off the Brooks School campus close by, this is where I'd go. I wrote about my affair with this staid (mostly) men's clothier in the Tomboy Style book but had no idea I still had an actual remnant with me a decade or so later and 3000 miles away. I had to photograph it immediately when I found it, I couldn't even wait for natural light. True to form, The Andover Shop doesn't really have much of a web presence, but if you find yourself in Cambridge Mass., or even better, in Andover, Mass., do yourself a huge favor and stop in.


Anonymous said…
I go to their Cambridge location now and again, the salesmen aren't that friendly, but they do have good preppy belts.
Toni said…
Great photos, even if it's artificial light! :)

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