Q&A | Caroline Ventura

Photos by Jamie Beck.

Caroline Ventura is the creative force behind the jewelry label Brvtvs, which is, in all honestly one of my favorites. She is often inspired by her love of menswear tailoring, and mixes masculine and feminine touches to create jewelry that is restrained and delicate, straightforward yet innovative. Each Brvtvs piece is handmade in Ventura's studio in New York, using reclaimed materials whenever available. Check it out here.

If not in NYC, I would live in...Rome. I love how the ancient and the modern coexist all in one place.

My dream holiday would be to...spend a month in Peru. No plans, just wandering.

My current obsessions are...

Food: Vegetables. Cannot get enough.

Music: The Clash. All day, every day.

Fashion: Vintage men's Levi's 517s. They have the perfect rise and make your legs look a mile long.

Retail Stores: Acne, The J. Crew Men's Shop, and I love a good thrift.

I channel my childhood self when I...draw. All my drawings are pretty simple and childlike, I never grew out of making geometric shapes on paper, even when I'm just doodling.

The fictional character I most relate to is...Scout Finch. Not afraid to speak her mind, but it usually gets her into trouble.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...be running around somewhere grassy or on a blanket with a good book.

My favorite quality in a man is...a sharp wit and a gentle touch.

My favorite quality in a woman is...the same as the men. I love people who can crack a joke but who can also be real and genuine when you need them to be.

I'm terrified of...mimes, clowns, that guy from the Halloween movies. Basically anything with a white painted face or mask.

My dream car is a...BMW 1600 cabriolet.

My cocktail of choice is...a Pimm's in the summer, something with whiskey in the winter.

My celebrity crush is...Gregory Peck. A timeless gentleman.

My beauty product of choice is...deMamiel and Olio Lusso facial oils.

My friends and I like to...eat together. A lot. There's never too many laughs to be shared over a meal.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...to the Roman Empire when Caesar ruled. Just to experience it for a day.

As a teenager I was totally into...tattoos, soccer balls, and boys who rode skateboards.

I tend to splurge on...meals. And tailoring, always nice to have a good tailor.

Making things with my hands, not being afraid to get dirty, and not taking myself too seriously...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


JoAnna Rogers said…
Thank you for this! I have an embarrassingly huge girl crush on Caroline Ventura.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for sharing this Lizzie!
Ever since I started reading A Cup of Jo, I've had a gigantic girl crush on Caroline. She's so gorgeous and she does amazing hair tutorials, and she designs the prettiest simple jewelry ever!

Reading through this just made me love her more (if that's even possible)!!
That BMW 1600 cabriolet is pretty cute...I want one of those bad boys too! :)
And Gregory Peck is pretty awesome if I may say so myself.
All in all, I loved reading this Q&A.

Go Caroline and go Brvtvs!
I definitely can't wait until the day I get my hands on all of her jewelry.

Have an amazing week Lizzie <3

Joy said…
I feel like she can never look bad in ANYTHING. God is just so goddman talented with hair and jewellery. Love everything she does.
Alexandra said…
My ultimate girl crush! Such great style.

Amielle said…
I really do love these interviews so much. And that last picture is just stunning (well, all of them are, obviously). Loving all the rings and the casual feel she has going on there.
Nomadic D. said…
Love brvtvs, love the photos, love the article! Thanks for yet another great post,

Fashion Online said…
Thank you for article. I love your first two photos because you are looking very stylish in that photos. Keep posting dear..:)
Caroline looks great & listens to The Clash. What's not to love?
40 over 20 said…
great post! i love her style. that last image has me drooling...i want every piece of jewelry! kim
blue roses said…
she has such a classic yet refreshing aesthetic..... beautiful.

Laurel Canyon said…
I am bookmarking her jewelry for my next paycheck, to die for. Thanks for turning me on to her work. And how about those pillows!!!
Buckaroo Barbie said…
Loved this one so much! And I'm drooling over her jewelry, thanks for turning me on to her!!
Unknown said…
Lizzie - Would it be possible to find out where Caroline got those pillows she is lying on? I love them. Thanks!
- Jessica
Lizzie said…
Caroline says: They're from morocco unfortunately! But sometimes you can find them on eBay or etsy, if you look for items made from vintage Moroccan rugs.
Marisa M said…
I love Gregory Peck! That voice..oh man. Might have had something to do with why I named my son Atticus :)
Anna said…
caroline, what size of levis 517 are you? always wanted to buy them online but i'm never sure what size should i get!
Anonymous said…
Great piece. Love her contributions at Cup of Jo.
Thanks Caroline! You blend edge and beauty like no other.
torebki damskie said…
Nice photos of really beatyful woman, thanks :)
Jenny said…
wow wish i had the legs to pull off those cut off levis...
another lovely lady and fantastic interview! im really craving these facial oils now, if only my wallet would be faithful to me. she seems like someone i would love to meet/hang out with/photograph. xo.
Irrlivre said…
thanx so much for this. i saw her pic on tumblr, and couldn't get her name. so i thought, Lizzy must know her, and here she is :D

i think this pic of her is so cute: http://tinyurl.com/9a3w7zm

may be we can open a fan club?? ;))

sara said…
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