UNIFORM | Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend of summer, make it a good one!

Allyn Scura sunglasses ($245); Wm. J. Mills flight bag ($149); Epice scarf from Lost & Found; Vans Mesh Slip-Ons ($65); Nantucket Reds sailing shorts ($75); Oyster shell belt buckle ($75); GANT Round Collar shirt.


rachaelannep said…
preppy and fun! i'm in.
Alice said…
I can't believe it's already almost Labor Day weekend!
Summer can't already be over...I'm not ready to head back to school yet! :)

Well, if this is the last weekend, I better make it a good one!
I'm really loving this look. It's super preppy and very summery, one of my favorite combos.

Those shoes are very cool.
I didn't believe they were Vans for a second.
That scarf is pretty spiffy as well.

The Ace of Hearts
Alexandra said…
Love a bit of preppy!

Amielle said…
Looks like the coloured version of what I have on today! Loving it.
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I think you could call this the "Official Montauk Look" this summer...oh, but you need the straw fedora.
jo said…
This is great- I totally looked into this for my outfit tomorrow

happy labor day!
Unknown said…
Preppy, love it! Oversized male shirts look great on the right figure, I wish I could pull it off. My coathangers are full of them, I need to get back down to the gym!
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