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I've never been to Atlanta, but I would bet the ranch that if I lived there, I'd visit Ann Mashburn's store on a weekly basis. In a fresh new space adjacent to her husband, Sid Mashburn's, store (which she may steal a belt or two from on occasion), the Mashburns co-own Sid & Ann Mashburn, his and hers clothiers that divide yet meld the masculine and feminine in as chic a way as any. In addition to being Atlanta's it tastemaker, Mrs. Mashburn is also a designer and, oh yeah, a mother of five daughters (no biggie!). From what I've heard from Atlantans and seen from Mashburn's website, I am so desperate to book a flight from LAX to ATL.

If not in Atlanta, I would live in...Florence, Italy.

My dream holiday would be to...anywhere with my family with beautiful scenery, great sheets, and no Internet.

My current obsessions are...

Food: Natilla, this fantastic Colombian custard with cinnamon that Sid brings to me from Taqueria del Sol.

Music: I just inherited my parents’ old album collection and we found Glen Cambell's Wichita Lineman. It was the first album I ever owned. I think I was eight and it was a gift for my mother. There is one song on it called ANN which is very silly and very sweet and has given us a few good laughs.

Fashion: I'm feeling anything cowboy right now. My own version of a Western shirt is in production as we speak. I also sell this perfect cowboy boot that Lucchese custom-makes for us.

Retail Store: My new shop. We just moved in a few weeks ago and I really, really love the way it turned out.

I channel my childhood self when I...swim in a lake. I grew up in the Midwest and that's what summer was to me. On a recent trip to Italy for work, my favorite part was (actually) swimming in Lake Como.

The fictional character I most relate to is...The Little Cottontail Mother in The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. She is such a feminist. Everyone makes fun of her for having so many children, but she teaches them to do everything and then is able to sit back and be like the CEO (of Easter!). It is perfect, and so ahead of its time.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...hope I was on a ski slope.

My favorite quality in a man is...goodness.

My favorite quality in a woman is...resourcefulness.

I'm terrified of...not having grandchildren.

My dream car is a...one that I've already owned. I had a black 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser that all seven of us happily packed into for years. My next one would be hunter green.

My cocktail of choice is...this summer it's just been rosé, but I’m not picky.

My celebrity crush is...are you kidding? I am married to him. He is sometimes celebrated (but not often enough by me). My beauty product of choice is...Bobbi Brown bronzer and fuchsia lipstick.

My friends and I like to...not talk for months and then send long, ellipses-ridden emails about how crazy our lives are and how much we love each other.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...the 1980s when I met my husband. Bad for fashion but great for romance—I would love to re-live a few of those days.

As a teenager I was totally into...home sewing. I made quite a few bikinis on boring Saturday afternoons.

I tend to splurge on...silk scarves.

My ability to get ready for any occasion in under ten minutes...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


Nomadic D. said…
What a wonderful and sweet interview! I just had to click over and check out the store which looks awesome. By the way, I have my own pair of luccheses, they're about 8 years old and I still am absolutely in love with them!

Laura said…
Without a doubt, those shops (and everything on the west side) is worth a trip to Atlanta. And the Mashburns are the nicest people!
Simons said…
LOVE! Book your flight NOW
caro3066 said…
Lizzie........where are you???
Your tour guide is waiting.
Joy said…
I LOVE the things her and husband sell. Greatest preppy stuff from the South.
Anonymous said…
Love love love Sid Mashburn, I haven't really been into Ann Mashburn but I will have to try it now. Happy to see something out of Atlanta!
Melissa Blake said…
ooooh, italy! would loooove to go there someday! xoxo
like maybe the best interview ever.
Once Was a Girl said…
As an Atlantan and fan of Ann, I am thrilled to see her on Tomboy Style! Congrats to Ann and thanks for the ATL shout out Tomboy Style!
Once Was a Girl said…
As an Atlantan and fan of Ann, I am thrilled to see her on Tomboy Style! Congrats to Ann and thanks for the ATL shout out Tomboy Style!
Alexandra said…
Lovely interview! Shop looks great.

Amielle said…
This is probably the best interview I've ever read! She seems so sweet and down to earth and wonderful. Not to mention that her store looks absolutely delightful! Lovely job!
Unknown said…
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mbick said…
When you do book that flight to ATL, I would love to meet up at the Mashburns' shops. I just need about a 4-hours "heads up!"
jontytalor said…
Like the pics! they are just natural.
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