NOISE | Johnny and Mary by KISSES

My pals Zinzi and Jesse of KISSES have done it again with the Robert Palmer cover Johnny and Mary, shot while on tour in Brazil. Their new single, Funny Heartbeat, just dropped too. Radicality all around.


Anonymous said…
This cover reminds me of Belle and Sebastian; it's really good.
Anonymous said…
Lizzie! Love your blog!
And love the song, and Johnny and Mary... but, guys, I don't want to be unpleasant, but favelas are not cool.
Actually for us, Brazilians, favelas are a huge social problem.
And really, and I don't understand why it's offered as part of a tour package for touristis. Unless if you are a political or something like that, who want's to see those scenes? As entertainment? The poverty there is so big that any money is welcome. Even if it is to show something so bad.
It's embarrassing... And now, favelas been hype? Jesus no...
Favelas are just the opposite.
Well, that's it.
Kisses from Brazil.
I'd love to visit Brazil one day. Seems like a country rich of culture and colors.

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