NOISE | Anti-Pioneer by Feist

Feist: Anti-Pioneer directed by Martin de Thurah on

Winding down the week with this slow serenade by Leslie Feist which premiered today, I believe.


Anonymous said…
Feist is a Tomboy?!
Lizzie said…
Definitely. Here's how A&C Records described her:

"She’s much more than just the torch singer leaning against the ballad with a lone spotlight on her. In a past life, she was a shouty battle of the bands teen queen in a Calgary punk band. She’s stubborn and meticulous about things like the EQ level on the stereo and her long honed guitar tone. She’s been placed in the role of the most unlikely fashion icon, but mostly she’s a tomboy who doesn’t really do make-up." —A&C Records
Ali G said…

And I love Feist and I love your blog. She's a great featured choice.
Lizzie said…
Thanks for *, Ali. Fridays are always a little foggy.
Nomadic D. said…
Lovely! I like her more and more, the more I listen, and the more she develops, it just gets better and better!
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