Q&A | Robyn Wilson

All photos by Matthew and Sara Kent of Penny & Finn.

There's something about Robyn Wilson of The Poor Porker, she is the perfect modern embodiment of Huck Finn—driven by adventure and turning good things into great things. Her new business started simply. Wilson and her partner Jarrid Masse went on a crazy scavenger hunt for good beignets and chicory coffee in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly though, they couldn’t find anything that came close to the ones they had in New Orleans. So, that was it. They packed up the car with a few tools and a couple suitcases and set out on a mission to start a business with nearly no money to prove that while it seemed insane, it was possible. How great is that!? This quick video really tells the story well (I swear I almost moved to Lakeland, Florida after I watched it):

We know more great things are happening in the future for The Poor Porker, so now's the time to get to know Robyn a little better, whose style and spirit could not be more Tomboy Style. Thanks Robyn!

If not in Lakeland, Florida, I would live in...Los Angeles.

My dream holiday would be to...Tuscany. A bike riding food tour through
fields of sunflowers with a fresh baguette and bundles of cheese in my basket sounds like heaven.

My current obsessions are...

Food: The beignets we make at The Poor Porker. They’re like fried joy for my belly.

Music: Stevie Wonder. I think I’d cry if I met him.
Fashion: My trusty old 501 cut offs, duck boots, 80’s safari Banana Republic and vintage Ralph Lauren.
Retail Store: The Salvation Army is full of so many treasures. Once upon a time I found three Chanel cashmere sweaters and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress all for $25. True Story.

I channel my childhood self when I…am fishing. I’ve always had a serious thing for waders and baiting my own hooks.

The fictional character I most relate to is...G.I. Jane. I’m still working on that one armed push up. Damn, Demi’s a badass.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...be a very happy camper.

My favorite qualities in a man are...ambition and a wicked sense of humor.
My favorite qualities in a woman are...strength and sensitivity.

I'm terrified of...losing the people I love.

My dream car is a...
a 1970 Land Rover Leyland Defender in Hunter green.

My cocktail of choice is...a Sazerac Fix with Rye lemon, Pastis, Angostura bitters and Peychaud bitters—a ridiculously yummy creation by mixologist Devon Espinosa of Por Vous on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

My celebrity crush is...Rachel Mc Adams is adorable. Robert Redford is too.

My beauty product of choice is...DDF sunscreen, gobs of it.

My friends and I like to...go on treasure hunts.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...the 60’s, definitely. They had some serious style back then.
As a teenager I was totally into...wearing Doc Martens with vintage dresses and listening to Joni Mitchell.

I tend to splurge on..good books. Especially vintage DIY and cookbooks.

My commitment to dreaming big, diving in, building that dream with my own hands and happily getting dirty as hell while I’m at it...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.



Joy said…
She looks freaking fantastic. WOW.
Unknown said…
Definitely someone I would love to meet! Great story, great people, and looks like great food...winning combination!
Cathy said…
Love Love Love Robyn and the Poor Porker!!
AG said…
damn, give me a beignet now. There used to be a place in Chinatown that made a decent version, but no longer.
Jessica said…
She is dressed like a little girl, running in the field freely.
Geisslein said…
I have fallen in love now!!!!
sunny summergreetings from germany, geisslein
Anonymous said…
She's adorable... so is her fella. What a wonderful business they have too.
Anonymous said…
Inspiring! Thanks for the cool post.
Anonymous said…
What an inspiration! Please keep us posted on the fantastic things this lady is up to! Gimme more!
Great couple, great business. so inspiring! Their booth is so beautiful. Love it.
Mesin Fotocopy said…
Nice review! Keep update more details.
Richard Parker said…
She is dressed like a little girl, running in the field freely.
Anonymous said…
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