ICON | Cindy Whitehead

I posted about former skater and current sports stylist Cindy Whitehead back when this blog was just starting and I remember being so excited to find this photo of her in a half pipe in the late 70s. Since then, I discovered her old school photo gallery, which is definitely worth a look-see. The word rad has lost a bit of its oomph because of how ubiquitous it is amongst many of us again (guilty), but Cindy, you really are the raddest.


CPJY said…
i really love seeing female skaters. these are dope shots.
Aja Lake said…
totally rad!

Aja Lake
the gold hat.
cindy whitehead said…
Thanks Lizzie - I am once again honored to be on your site. Tomboy Style RULES! xx
Anonymous said…
Like you said; the raddest.
Jasmine Pahl said…
Wow, oh wow. Crazy rad.

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