CONTEMPORARY | Claire Boucher

Photo of Claire Boucher a.k.a Grimes by Guy Lowndes for Oyster Magazine.

"I think everything comes down to confidence. Anything delivered with confidence can be good. There is nothing that is bad. There is no genre of music that is inherently shitty. You can make something good if you approach it with enough gusto." —Claire Boucher, April/May 2012 Oyster Magazine


Sinead said…
LOVE Grimes. Really unique style icon of the future!
i love her and her lisp
Amielle said…
That quote = <3
I agree, its all about owning what do, say, wear.
Catriona said…
Amazing... was waiting for you to do a post on her! LOVE.
Anonymous said…
She's so talented.
such a fresh and stylish look! and i am in love with her hair!
Very unique! I like it!
maya.autumn said…
i love her so much! her style is so quirky and great:D
Luxury Zone said…
I adore you…really!!! Your style is amazing!
Fantasy style!!i love this picture very much!!!!
Her music is definitely daring and different.

That is HOT!! I love it…looks great on her…

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