UNIFORM | Jane Birkin

Photo of Jane Birkin via Mohawk General Store via wild at heart.

White on white.

Dosa necklace ($188); Splendid V-Neck Henley ($88); Café Trouser ($118); gold rope bracelet ($225).


Like Jane and her outfit. Not loving the smoking. I really try not to post vintage pics and others that glamorize smoking. There are just so many young people reading these blogs that I think it's our duty not to make it look cool. A very horrible and lifelong addiction that is cutting short the lives of so many.

Anonymous said…
Those high-waisted trousers...so good.
Love it! So simple and chic.
Anonymous said…
don't u think lana del rey is sort of tomboy? she always in white and sneakers :)
Amielle said…
I love how baggy that shirt is. Though, all white scares me since I'm definitely that person that, no matter how hard she tries, WILL spill something that day. Something to aspire to.
true-fashion said…
that shirt is awesome.
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