Q&A | Kelsey Sheofsky of Shelter Co.

Photos of Kelsey Sheofsky and Shelter Co. by Mel Barlow.

I have a real adoration and respect for entrepreneurs, especially when you can tell they are following their passion. Kelsey Sheofsky of the just-launched Shelter Co., is doing just that, and so beautifully too. Shelter Co. is a pop-up lodging service in California that caters to groups seeking the great outdoors for everything from a wedding, to a retreat, to a good night's sleep. With dreamy European canvas tents and all the camping necessities (hand axes, food) and necessary luxuries (bourbon, s'mores, flowers by Danielle Rowe) you'd want when getting off the grid. You had me sold at axe.

If not in San Francisco, I would live in...a few different spots.  Every time I travel I get the relocation bug until I return home.  Right now Tulum, New Orleans, Vancouver, Barcelona, and New York are at the top of the list of places I think I could embrace for a good while.  But my heart will always be in San Francisco.

My dream holiday would be to...do the classic North American road trip.  I've taken trips all over the world but have never dedicated a big enough chunk of time to properly tour my own backyard.  I would love to take eight weeks and do it right.  Even go up through Canada for a bit and down into Baja. 

My current obsessions are...

Food:  Chilaquiles, homemade cheese grits and poached eggs, anything from Cowgirl Creamery and  sparkling red wine.

Music: I've been listening to a lot of Motown and old school hip hop lately. Keeps my energy pumping.

Fashion: This winter I bought a pair of boots that I'm pretty obsessed with. They are Barney's Co-Op and look like normal suede boots in the front but have full glitter in the back. I call them my mullet boots because there's definitely a party going on back there but the front is all business.       

Retail Stores: Mohawk General Store and American Rag in LA, Catbird in Brooklyn, BellJar, Coup d'Etat, and Welcome Stranger in SF.

I channel my childhood self when I...am barefoot in the sun.

The fictional character I most relate to is...Lucille Bluth.  Kidding, but I strive to be a completely inappropriate old woman one day.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...want it to be 80 degrees at the beach or 30 degrees in the snow. I don't care much for the in between.
My favorite quality in a man is...nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills...

My favorite quality in a woman is...honesty, graciousness, a wicked sense of humor.

I'm terrified of...our political system.

My dream car is a...1970's Mercedes SL convertible.  Navy blue please.

My cocktail of choice is...tequila or whisky on the rocks.  I also love a Greyhound when the juice is fresh.

My celebrity crush is...Jon Stewart.

The beauty product of choice is... drugstore lipstick.

 My friends and I like to...drink champagne and banter.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...I'd kind of like to be around part way through our evolution. Maybe live among the Neanderthals for 10 years to see what that was all about. Go on a hunt, do some cave painting, try not to die.

As a teenager I was totally into... recording mix tapes off the radio, Bongo jeans, reading fashion magazines at the library (my mom wouldn't let me buy them).

I tend to splurge on...food and wine. My Flour + Water habit may send me to the poor house.

Being open to new adventures and not afraid of a little dirt under my nails...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


Amielle said…
Wow. I love that box of goodies in that second picture. Those tents are beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview.
Courtney said…
Ok, I am obsessed. What a genius idea. The photographs are lovely and Kelsey seems awesome. Best of luck to her in this endeavor!
Mamavalveeta03 said…
That looks like an absolute dream to me. That is WAY beyond any camping my husband and I have done, but I'm certainly game to try it out!
I loved the ax and the box!! awesome!!
Aja Lake said…
you also had me at axe:)
check out tomboy style on the gold hat.

Aja Lake
the gold hat.
Love the camping box!
katherine e said…
she seems as cool as her concept... from the 'drink champagne and banter' to lucille bluth, kelsey is kind of my new hero. great find, lizzie!
anniethefirst said…
wow this is awesome. definitely my favorite post. thanks for enlightening us!
Vern said…
I love the tents! And the ax... the ax is a must!
fashion-noble said…
Wow!i wanna go to this place

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