MOMENT | Diana at Genesis

Photo of Princess Diana walking into a Genesis concert in a tuxedo designed by Margaret Howell by David Levenson, 1984.

"Princess Diana turns on another stunning performance as she arrives for a concert of one of Britain's top rock bands. There were wolf whistles as Diana walked in wearing a white dinner jacket, satin black trousers, a white full-necked blouse...and a black satin bow tie." —James Whitaker

Thanks to Kate Levine for the idea!


Kim said…
This is gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her in this outfit before. Amazing how fashionable this is, and how timeless.
Great one! Diana was actually quite a tomboy growing up. Adore her in this! She looks so young and sweet too. Thanks for including it.

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Amielle said…
Oh wow. I absolutely love this. So stylish and classy and definitely something I would wear in a heartbeat.
Monika said…
She looks awesome! I love the idea of tux as eveningwear.

ps: I bought your book, it is beautiful and very inspiring!!

RCM said…
this might be my most favorite post on Tomboy style. Ever.
Whitney said…
Amazing pic and the suit is Margaret Howell no less! Margaret Howell, both vintage and current, would be another great Tomboy subject--so classic.
Kat said…
Oh! Thank you so much for this post!
She's the love of my life and a true tomboy at heart. Forever.
fashion-circle said…
I really like her.she is beautiful

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