ICON | Minnie Taylor Thomas

 Photo of Minnie Taylor Thomas in 1922 via the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.

Minnie Taylor Thomas was Osa Johnson's aunt, whom Osa greatly admired. According to Conrad Froehlich of the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Kansas, "Osa's aunt Minnie Taylor Thomas was a cigar-smoking circus performer who worked for years as a bareback rider."


Aja Lake said…
i love the quote. that's true tomboy style!

Aja Lake
the gold hat.
t said…
Thank you for the post. A friend and I visited the Safari Museum last weekend and now I am obsessed. : )

The museum hoped to inspire and I am inspire in many ways.
t. said…
I read "I Married Adenture" years ago & loved it. I did not know there was a museum! Thanks!
modern-sky said…
the old photo is amazing.

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