UNIFORM | The Gap 1987

Photo for The Gap's "Workforce Clothing" advertising campaign by Lance Staedler, 1987, scanned from Jocks & Nerds: Men's Style in the Twentieth Century.


Anonymous said…
at least he's wearing his hat where it belongs, unlike modern ads with similar styling.
courtney said…
I love the style of her sweater. I have an Eddie Bauer one from that era that I wear all of the time. It's just the right amount bulk without looking too messy.
GreeneEnvy said…
I love this blog becuase I learn so much. I had no idea that the American Heritage/Workwear trend didn't start recently, but in fact it's been around for my entire lifetime.
Unknown said…
Everything about this photo is perfection. It makes me want to go out and get my hands dirty.

mon amy
Mariana said…
This is such a wonderful photo!
I would imagine that all guys find different things attractive. So I think it is really very hard to define.
But it is like first step and I think without friendship you can’t go for next step.
fashion-sac said…
Love your blog! And your style. Thanks for sharing it

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