ICON | Tina Weymouth

Photo of Tina Weymouth and Grand Master Flash by Laura Levine, 1981.

This photo was taken just after Weymouth started her Talking Heads side project Tom Tom Club with her husband Chris Frantz. Their track Genius of Love had just been sampled by Grandmaster Flash on It’s Nasty (and then again in the 90s by Mariah Carey). According to the photographer this photo was the first meeting of Tina and Grandmaster Flash. —via The Strut.


yes. tina is my hero. check out the jumpsuit she wears during "stop making sense" totally original.
Great pic!

jamie cassell said…
She's one of my all time favorites!! What a perfect rock goddess.
Anonymous said…
Tina is my all time favorite!! Thanks for featuring her! -- Queen Lucia
kara rane said…
seriously unbelievable that people walked around with those boxes
Scabs said…
I have a major crush on both these guys! nice
julia wheeler said…
such a gorgeous couple.

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