ICON | Madeline Weeks

Photo of GQ's Fashion Director Madeline Weeks in 2007 via Band of Outsiders.

When I first saw the photo on the left, I really thought it was taken in the 1970s.


OriginofCool said…
Female fashion director of GQ!? DONE.
nicole said…
She's channeling Diane Keaton, whom I love. xo.
Anonymous said…
AWSOME PICS:) everywhere in this blog...I will happily follow.
If you want some swedish inspiration you can check out my blog:)
I wish you a great weekend.

LOVE Maria at inredningvis.se
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I definitely thought that it was from the 70's and @Nicole is right: Very Diane Keaton!
Madeline always has had amazing style. GQ is lucky to have her!
Angelica Tynan said…
Those lenses on her shades.
Her shades.
That perfect middle part.
The way the light shines on her hair.
That blaaazerrrOMG.

Yeah, 70s perfection right there.
he-fashion said…
the photo looks old
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