GURU | Lizzy Fallows on Riding with Style

I'm so excited to share Lizzy Fallow's guide to biking with style. She works for Timbuk2 in San Francisco and has been biking to work every single day for four years—and stylishly to boot (she'll even throw on a pair short shorts under a dress). Below is her guide to biking with style in different seasons, with links at the bottom. Thanks for sharing, Lizzy!

By Lizzy Fallows

Contrary to popular belief, bike commuting does not plunge you into a disheveled, sweaty, or even sporty existence. In four years of riding in San Francisco, a city that’s never cold enough to be cold and never warm enough to be warm, I’ve learned to ride like I want to. I’m always prepped for the cold, ready to one-hand-unzip in transitional weather, and bare bare arms on the hot days—in fabrics and silhouettes that do not scream cycling. Given thoughtful dress and preparation, no one should know you’ve bike-commuted. Use the grid below to functionally ride with style!

Helmet: Bern Brighton Helmet with winter liner ($50+); Bern Brighton Helmet with standard liner ($42+); Bell Lumen helmet ($65).

Eye-ware: Lizzy Sunglasses for Winter and Spring (currently sold out, but check back soon!); Ray-Ban folding Wayfarer ($155).

Scarves: Christopher Fischer cashmere infinity scarf ($398); Light floral scarf such as Madewell Roseblossom scarf ($55); Levi's Red Baron Bandana ($14).

Tops: Apolis Breton Striped Shirt ($128); James Perse Boyfriend Baseball Tee ($135)—both long enough to prevent breeze at the back; C&C California striped tank ($22).

Jackets: Barbour Beadnell Jacket ($369); Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody ($184) *note: this kind of goes against my rule of wearing "techie" gear while riding, but every cyclist needs a warm, windproof and water resistant jacket. I often bring a different sweater in my pack but ride w/ one of these Patagonia jackets*; Riyoko arm warmers ($40).

Gloves: Rapha Winter Cycling Gloves ($105); Dromarti Mitts ($138).

Bottoms: Nudie Long John Skinny Jeans ($143); J.Brand Reds ($127); Ever shorts and dresses.

Shoes: Bean Boots ($99); Clark's Wallabees ($119); Matt Bernson sandals ($135 for a similar pair).

Bags: Patagonia Stormfront pack ($279); Timbuk2 customizable Swig backpack ($119+)*Made in S.F.; Hershel Supply Co. backpack ($55).

I'd love to hear any other tips or great goods for riding in style!


germundson said…
The picture on the bridge is that taken on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis?
gia said…
Wow, I want to be her! :) Super cool! I want all of those clothes too. hah
gia said…
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Anonymous said…
Since she mentioned Nudies, you should really do a piece on selvedge denim for women! They're a great tomboy staple :)
duck said…
i LIVE in Outlier's daily riding pants. i confess that i wear the pants far more often than i bike because they're comfortable, i can wear them literally anywhere, and the unique seaming makes my rear end look awesome. they specialize in work-ready, bike-friendly apparel made from high-performance fabrics, but sadly the pants are the only women's item they currently make.

and as a fellow owner of wintercheck's lizzie glasses, i have no idea how she bikes in them! the lack of peripheral vision drove me so nuts i ripped the side pieces off (which was what made them cool, but i still wear them).

lastly i second the request for a selvedge denim post!
Anonymous said…
Oh! Bike fashion! I can't wait for the spring to come! The roads are still so icy here in Oulu, Finland. I have studded tyres for winter but the most fun in riding is definitely in good, not bad conditions..

I love riding in my Acne ”flex s wet” -jeans. They’re high enough in the back so there’s no crack-exposure yet they are flexible and extremely comfortable. I have two pairs and they are the only jeans I need: they’re such good quality.

I have two favorite bags for riding: Baggu Duck bag for groceries and such which I wear across mu body; and my 11” Cambridge Satchel which surprisingly enough can hold a Kryptonite Mini U-lock!

Some bad-ass accessory is also available for locks: Color skins for the Kryptonite Mini U-lock. I have mine in purple :)
I cycle as part of my commute to work and it is tricky to do it in style. Recently bought a navy quilted Barbour which looks chic on and off the bike.
kpennick said…
An item that would be a great addition to riding with style: a purse! One that has adjustable straps so it can be worn over one shoulder, and also messenger style while biking. Essential.
Stephanie said…
I have been following Tomboy Style religiously for months and can't believe it took this long to get some real coverage of biking style! Bravo to Lizzy Fallows!

While the winter gear wouldn't cut it for those of us who bike year 'round in Minneapolis, I think the spring and summer sections are well curated. Bright colors (such as the J-brand jeans) are important for catching drivers' eyes, and can be done well without looking like a construction worker.

I want to read more bike-related posts! It's the ultimate glamorous, sporty, hip tomboy activity!

P.S. The bridge photo with the dress is definitely the Stone Arch in Minneapolis.
Love this! I am considering getting a bike so I can ride to work in Brooklyn. I'm a bit nervous about the whole traffic/sharing of the road and associated dangers - any advice on this?
Unknown said…
I vote for hot summer every day! xoxoxo
Lizzy Fallows said…
So stoked to be part of this group.

@Germudson - Yes, it's Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. I was there for one day in October and rode all over the city on a Nice Ride bike share bike. '

@Anonymus from Findland - Outlier makes gorgeous stuff. I haven't tried their women's bike pants because I'm semi-opposed to the idea of bike-specific pants. I have two pairs of Nudie long jon skinny jeans and their IDEAL for riding. Just like your Acne's, their high enough in the back to keep you covered and stretchy enough to be super comfortable. I carry a custom Timbuk2 backpack, but I use a Baggu for overflow! Agree on the Lizzie peripheral vision issue, but I've gotten used to and my name is Lizzy!

@That's Not My Age - Barbour on and off bike is the way to go! I only wish I'd invested in it sooner.

@Becca - You are not alone. A lot of women don't ride because they're intimidated by several things, including style. But safety is the biggest blocker. I've written a lot on the subject and think this post will help you:
Caitlin said…
Yes! This was great. I also support more bike posts! One on selvedge denim (as I am considering buying a pair soon) would be great too :)

Bern helmets are great...especially the ones that have liners you can take in and out. Can use it for skiing also!
D said…
i just got this backpack in the mail. I am in love!
meg wachter said…
really glad you included helmets! as an avid cyclist, it really irks me that too many style oriented blogs fail to include them because they don't look all that stylish.

but nothing's more attractive than an intact noggin!
Felicia Shelton said…
Clark's Wallabee's are my....!
I have always wanted a pair of these shoes and goshdarnit, I'm gettin' a pair this year!

Very nice!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you highlighted helmets too. Too many blogs have fashionable people on bikes without helmets, and they all look like idiots. I've gotten into two bike accidents, and the only reason I wasn't significantly hurt was because my helmet protected my head.
Anonymous said…
What kind of bike do you ride?
Esther said…
This is super run to read becauce i,m from Holland and everyone redes bikes heer, no matter the clothes!
Olivia said…
LOVED this post. As a biker I'm also trying to figure out good ways to stay cute while riding- a good jacket, sunnies, and shoes are usually what makes the grade. It helps to stay colorful and flirty- like the green jacket or hot red pants that were featured n the article. Also, I love to decorate my bike's handle bars with flowers/ give them to friends to put on their bikes when they visit or when we adventure. Safe and happy riding!
Olivia said…
LOVED this post. As a biker I'm also trying to figure out good ways to stay cute while riding- a good jacket, sunnies, and shoes are usually what makes the grade. It helps to stay colorful and flirty- like the green jacket or hot red pants that were featured n the article. Also, I love to decorate my bike's handle bars with flowers/ give them to friends to put on their bikes when they visit or when we adventure. Safe and happy riding!
Rebekah said…
This is a great post, but I never, ever wear sandals when biking. It's so dangerous, and if you fall or get hit you can really hurt your feet.
penny said…
Saw a high visibility bike tonight,
blue and green christmas lights wrapped all along the frame. Very effective. Not sure how they acheived that.
h-vogue said…
i wanna have a shunglass
Dammann said…
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