UNIFORM | Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

Photo of Jeannette Wilber on the Robie House drive in 1924 in full riding habit via The Fedora Lounge.

Melissa Odabash woven hat ($120); Robie window bookmark ($18); Burberry rubber wellington boots ($395); Gold tie bar ($15); Karl "James" satin blazer ($310).


Unknown said…
My love for Frank Lloyd Wright is unending. That outfit isn't bad, either.
Caitlin said…
Those boots are perfection. Love the blog!

Laurel Canyon said…
I love her riding habit which has nothing logically to do wiht the Robie House and yet from a purely esthetic viewpoint is a perfect mesh.
fab look! looks nice :)) following u on GFC>..i love what you cover..follow me back :)) have a nice day
Lizzie said…
@Laurel Canyon also maybe because FLW wore those flat brimmed shallow hats, so it pages his aesthetic as well.
she. said…
i would ware everything shown here i love it all.
Jessica Swan said…
Love this, right down to the bookmark!

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