SCREEN | Zabriskie Point

Photo of Daria Halprin, co-star of the 1970 film Zabriskie Point via Jungle Key.

Just watched this film and became totally enamored with Halprin and her early 70s style.


Girl Carl said…
Perfect brows, too!
Anonymous said…
What a film. Not critically liked, but I agree it's sensational.
Kit said…
What! I just visited the place and now the film's on TS... love.

Photos of Zabriskie Point (the place, not the film):
Lizzie said…
Kit, no way! That's so cool. Nice pics.
Oh, she is gorgeous. I'm going to add this film to my list.
sonia sentic said…
elle est belle et stylée comme beaucoup d'actrices de sa génération !

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