UNIFORM | Phyllis Major

Photo of Phyllis Major via Projector Has Been Drinking.

The Row Aviator ($355); Ted Baker Checked Sharp Shoulder Blazer with Suede Elbow Patches ($362); Jackson Browne's The Pretender ($2+); Nars semi-matte lipstick ($24).


Love love love that blazer.
Cupcakewalker said…
Lizzie, one of my favorite things about your blog is that I learn about women I've never heard of -- I immediately Google any name that doesn't register. So I feel inspired by the aesthetic you document but also read interesting (and sometimes tragic) stories - thank you!
Lizzie said…
Cupcakewalker: wow thanks. i thought about putting a little blurb about her, but was hoping people would discover it on their own. totally tragic with this one, agreed. thanks again for reading! L
Gabby said…
I have just discovered your blog, and I especially love the "Uniform" section. It is inspiring how you put together clothes that channel boyish side of a woman. The vintage pictures are a nice addition as well, keeping me coming back for more! :)

gabby's little thoughts
Nuha said…
love this look! so vintage yet so in style :-)
Dennise said…
I am so in love with the elbow patches on that blazer! xo

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