UNIFORM | Joanne Woodward

Carrera Champion sunglasses ($120); A.P.C. Short Trench ($575); Steve Mono Jimmy 2 Handbag ($415).

P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one sharing sunglasses with my husband.


Jennifer King said…
Love this. I'm a huge fan of trench coats. Such a classic look. And the one you picked here is stunning. Have you seen the J.Crew icon trench? It's classic but has a slight feminine flare, which I really like : )

Kathleen said…
I love her style! Thanks for the post..the sunglasses are great.
Lizzie said…
The J.Crew trench seems like a great option, but I just haven't seen it in person yet. Looks great online!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting up a face that isn't in the 20-30 age range!
kapowski said…
ha! nope - I totally stole my husband's aviators.

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