I'm signing off for the rest of the year, but before I do, I just want to say thank you for your tremendous support this year. The emails and comments, tweets and recommendations have been a true inspiration and I'm at a loss to describe my gratitude. 2011 has been filled with an abundance of good spirit and I can't wait for all the exciting things 2012 has in store! Cheers! xxLGM

p.s. That's Harrison, she's the official TbS mascot and is usually napping under my desk for each post.

p.p.s. Some of my favorite posts of the year:

Heather John's lesson on whiskey and whisky

Jen Wang's Q&A

Memories of X-Girl by Haydee Sentianin

Do you drive stick?

The Essentials Grid!

Hermes + Vans

Do you ride a "boys" bike?


Anonymous said…
I love the card font! What is the style called??
Jeni said…
I wish you many lovely moments and sweet treats and warm fires.Thanks for a fantastic inspiring year of blogging!

Merry,Merry Christmas, and Much Joy in the New Year!
Unknown said…
Cheers to an amazing year for TbS and to an even more successful 2012! Have a great holiday Lizzie and I really hope to meet up in the new year:) And I love that the X-Girl post is one of your faves!
Angelica Tynan said…
Chanting: Spring of 2012! Spring of 2012! Spring of 2012! Go Lizzie!

I cannot. WAIT. for your book.

Can you tell?
Angelica Tynan said…
P.S. Harrison, oh my, she's got that Tomboy Style down!!!

Lizzie said…
@anonymous: the font is actually called "pee pants script" (kind of embarrassing!)
Lizzie said…
Thanks everyone! Happy Happy!!
merry christmas! :)
Betül -(new follower)

Ballad of Seasons
Malayka said…
Just discovered your blog... I love it!Nice to come across a blog that isn't just for girly girls. Have a great Christmas. x
LIZ said…
Well, I've found my new favorite blog! So inspired, where have you been all my (internet-based) life? I'll enjoy browsing archives while I wait for 2012.
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Crazy cute dog you have! Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
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