ICON | Gaia Repossi

Photo of Gaia Repossi in a black silk tuxedo by Tom Ford, her own cream silk blouse and her father's grey wool jacket by Kasim Sadhi for the Autumn/Winter 2011 issue of The Gentlewoman Magazine.

"Women who have their ultra-stylish mothers to thank for their vintage couture collections and insouciant ways with thrift-shop finds are ten a penny in the fashion industry. Far fewer could say they owe everything they wear to their fathers. But this is literally the case for Gaia Reoissi, the elegant creative director of fine jewellers Repossi." —Penny Martin


Laurel Canyon said…
Look at those peaked lapels from Tom Ford. Predictably priapic and divine.
Joy said…
She looks incredible!
Nomadic D. said…
So hot.

Oh Tom Ford...THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS BLOG! This picture and story, sums it up. Please don't ever go away.

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