WORD | Then Again by Diane Keaton

Screenshots from Then Again by Diane Keaton.

I'm getting on a plane in the morning and as part of my packing ritual, I just downloaded a new book. This time it's Diane Keaton's new memoir Then Again which hit shelves a few days ago. The autobiography is about herself as well as her mother Dorothy Hall who in her lifetime kept 85 journals—many of which were photographed for the book in a lovely archival style. Can't wait to board that plane! Have a great weekend.


Joy said…
OMG sounds like an amazing read. have a safe flight!
Fantastic photo - have a good weekend!
Kendra said…
It's an amazing book. You might want a hard copy as well just for your shelf!
Laurel Canyon said…
Again, another example of why I turn to TS every am along with Sartorialist and Garance...fresh info like this book (how did I miss it?) and fantastic imagery.
Have a great flight!
Marissa said…
I saw her talking about her book yesterday and now I'm dying to read it. Enjoy!
House of Milk said…
I can't wait to read this book, too. I wish I could read on a plane without getting woozy :)
Anonymous said…
I will have to hunt this book down! I'd love to read more about her life : ) Safe trip!

I am reading this book now and it's amazing. I'm learning so many things about her life, which have never been told. If you haven't read it yet, do so soon! Would love to hear what you think.
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