SCENE | Polo Lessons in Palm Beach

Scanned photo of Jorie Butler Kent instructing her son in polo in Palm Beach, Fl. by Slim Aarons, 1982.

This is definitely one of my favorite Slim Aarons photos, gotta love that beat-up Louis Vuitton bag in the foreground.


Yeah, you can have the LV bag, give me that Benz! XXOO
herringbone said…
Love Slim Aarons pictures!
Recently posted an image of Jane Fonda with her LV Monogram bag in 1971- think you would like it.
Can't wait for your book to be published!
gia said…
That looks like the life!! That's what I want. :)
Anonymous said…
i'd be happy with a pair of those boots and that doggy. this is an awesome photo.
rooth said…
I like this photo - I never look that chic after riding. Just sweaty and tired.

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