UNIFORM | L'Etat Sauvage

French actress Marie-Christine Barrault on the set of L'Etat Sauvage by Christian Simonpietri, 1978.

Long Tee Dress ($88); Pith Helmet ($43); Apolis Voyager Canvas Belt ($68); 2012 European Land Rover Defender.


Joy said…
Great interpretation of her classic look.
Anonymous said…
The barefoot carefree aspect of her look is so appealing! P.S. Love your blog (just gave it a shout out on mine)

Unknown said…
Want that Defender so bad!
love this inspiration, don't you wish you could just step into this picture!
Anonymous said…
Je t'aime.
A.M.C. said…
ditto on the defender.
cp said…
if only one could wear a pith helmet in normal life.

Lizzy Fallows said…
Fabulous. This summarizes my idea style! I'm so so happy to have found your sight. Alas we can celebrate being tomboys and not bother with apologizing for wanting/needing a touch of menswear in our everyday look.

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