UNIFORM | Calder's Studio

Photo of a woman behind one of Alexander Calder's mobiles at the artist's studio by Genevieve Naylor, 1947.

A.P.C. Crew Neck Sailor Pullover ($250); Rivited Belt ($250); Rail Straight Cords ($90); The Row x Toms ($150); Vintage Alexander Calder poster.


bigBANG studio said…
love. love. love.
calder is one of my favorites! have you seen calder's circus? youtube it RIGHT NOW. you'll fall in love.
love calder and this collection, wish i could wear this outfit every day this fall!
rooth said…
I'm curious - does anyone know how the rail cords from madewell fit?
Luda said…
I'm curious about that too, Rooth.
Nomadic D. said…
I am loving the toms/row collaboration. too hot right now to even contemplate cashmere and wool on my feet but come fall i know i'm going to wish i had a pair.

Anonymous said…
Those cords are my #1 wish list item for Fall. Or, you know, anytime of year since San Francisco is cold and drizzly ALL. THE. TIME.

cp said…
Yes! Love this look. Love Calder. Once got to deliver and assemble one while working as an art handler to some strange recluse in a pink and gilded rococo mansion. weird but awesome decorating scheme.

Joanna said…
APC has done it again! The fall-winter sweaters are perfect in every aspect! I am loving the Toms too
Jacque said…
and there's my Fall outfit inspiration

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