UNIFORM | Summer Ride

Photo by Photo Media, 1979.

Shooting Aviators ($10); Hermes Belles du Mexique Twilly ($130); Silk Bromley Blouse ($80).


Joy said...

Spot on and frighteningly accurate.

Milly said...

Beautiful. Not many could pull off those glasses though!x


shasha said...

The twilly!! I have one but never can quite tie it right. I need a suggestion!

Emilie said...

That blouse is dreamy but i'd pick another pair of sunglasses for me.

I really like that Uniform feature!

Angelica Tynan said...

I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm obsessed with yellow lenses for biking & shooting.

I have several in the naff wrap-around style & am totally admiring this off-beat aviator look.

Thanks for the link & always-cool finds!