ICON | Ann Bonfoey Taylor

Photos of Anne Bonfoey Taylor in a custom Brooks-Van Horn military costume (she skied in uniforms from the Civil War as well as in her own tailor-made creations including a matador cape and hat) and in classic Western attire for riding by Toni Frissell via The Wall Street Journal, and via ARTBOOK (far right).

"Ann Bonfoey Taylor was a gifted sportswoman and had a discriminating eye when it came to fashion. She graced the pages of Town&Country, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue throughout the 1950s and '60s. Nicknamed Nose Dive Annie, she was an alternate on the Women's Olympic ski team, a flight instructor for the Navy in WWII and an accomplished equestrian and tennis player." —Charlotte Moss

For more photos and information on the style icon that is Ann Bonfoey Taylor:

A Fashion Icon Uncovered (Wall Street Journal, 5/2011)

The Other Ann Taylor (T Magazine, 2/2011)

Thanks Ash and Mrs. B!


Kate said…
Woah, those fur pants!
Angelica Tynan said…
Hi Lizzie,

You know those articles bemoaning the dearth of strong female role models? (I could work on my grammar, I know.)

Well, they've got it wrong. There aren't enough creative writers (such as yourself) to help us appreciate these great characters -- not all of whom had deep pockets, I might add -- who really lived.

This is what makes Tomboy Style so cool & relevant.

Nomadic D. said…
Woah indeed! She looks like a centaur!

anie said…
I saw this article in WSJ when it came out and WOW! This lady had it all~I wonder what she was like in real life...

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