UNIFORM | Tokyo Jazz Coffee Shop

Photo of an unidentified youth in a Tokyo jazz coffee shop by Michael Rougier, 1964.

"The girl smoking and brooding in a Tokyo coffee shop represents a problem brought on by the abruptly changing society of Japan since the war. She is part of a phenomenon long familiar in countries of the Western world: a rebellious younger generation breaking from her country's past."—an excerpt from "The Young in Revolt", LIFE Magazine's Japan issue, September 11, 1964.

Niche Modern pendant lamp ($475); Jennifer Meyer studs ($200); Black turtleneck sweater ($32).


Liz said…
She looks like she's up to mischief.

I'm jealous.

luv_bug said…
I want to be her right now! And look at the cute Japanese guy in the back.
Anonymous said…
Love it!!!
Brianna said…
Take me there...now.
This is so chic. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.
Maia said…
So cool! I love it.

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