SCENE | 1930s Parisian Street Photography

Photos by The Séeberger Brothers, via Miss Moss.

I waited about three seconds after seeing this post on Miss Moss before I purchased the book Elegance: The Séeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography ($9+ used, $108 new), a book that The Sartorialist also blogged about a few years ago, noting the timelessness of the imagery and the outfits. Some say this series, which captured French society women in the 1930s and 1940s, is the first true example of street fashion photography. I can't wait until the book arrives, how perfectly chic are these women?


Miss Moss said…
haha, awesome! let me know if it's worth it :)
Alexandra said…
Great photographs.
Looks like an interesting read, will definitely check it out.
Anonymous said…
amazing! yes, let us know how it is Lizzie! love your blog!
callywally said…
i have this book and absolutely love it...endless inspiration!
Claire said…
The picture on the left is my idea of perfection. It could be a current editorial featuring Celine - coat, clutch, and Prada - shoes... I must get this book!
Talking of books, I look forward to yours Lizzie. Such a fantastic subject! I admire the women that are posted here. xx from Soleil
Anna said…
I love these photographs. I did a little post on them a while back. so much inspiration to find from the past.

just found your blog. diggin it!


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