SCREEN | Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Film stills of Jodie Foster and Alfred Lutter in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) via screenshot.

Jodie Foster has played several roles as a tomboy—I'm not sure this is her most iconic, but I love how she plays Audrey in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. It's a small part, but when Foster is in the frame she really owns it. What's incredible is that she was only 11 when it was filmed. —LGM


Andresgallardo said…
amazing film.
love it
Gigi said…
Yes, great movie. I watched it again not long ago - had kind of forgotten how good it was.
Another good Jody Foster role was the tomboy/tough street kid she played in "Candleshoe" -- ever seen it?
Lizzie said…
I haven't seen Candleshoe, but have just added it to my list. Thanks!
Anonymous said…

I liked this movie too!
About the JODIE FOSTER´S character - I remember someone asked in AMAZON.IMDB.COM if the person AUDREY/DORIS was a BOY OR A GAL; laughs!
I watched her in CANDLESHOE... She was 'more feminine'!
Nowdays she is very beautiful (I make some things in ARTS - candles/boxes/others; and with PICTURES... Jodie Foster is one of them!).

Rodrigo Rosa (Brazil)

* That film ALICE DOESN´T ... was released (THERE IN USA?) in THE SAME DAY I WAS BORN (12/09/1974)!

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