ICON | Lee Miller

photo of Lee Miller in Paris by George Hoyningen-Huene, photo of Lee Miller bathing in a tub in Hitler’s apartment, 1945 by David E. Scherman.

“Naturally I took pictures. What’s a girl supposed to do when a battle lands in her lap?” —Lee Miller as told to celebrity radio interviewer Ona Munson in 1946.


Unknown said…
i love lee miller's work and always felt she was the unsung hero of her era.

Anonymous said…
Ah. Thanks for mentioning Lee. I came across "The Lives of Lee Miller" in the late 1990's. After reading it I wondered why there weren't more books about her. Previously, I knew of her blandly referred to as 'Man Ray's assistant' in photo captions in other books. Who knew what an incredible life she had? Im waiting for another book to come out someday that wont be written by her son. Im sure there is even more to her story. This blog is fantastic, by the way. Reassuring to us tomboys.

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