ICON | Kristy McNichol

photos by LIFE, 1983

"Miss McNichol has carved out a different image from these other girls. On her hit show Family, she played a shrewd, down-to-earth tomboy, a wise-beyond-her-years but still wholesome all-American girl. And that's basically the same character she embodies in her movies. She has none of the nymphetlike sex appeal of Jodie Foster or Brooke Shields; Kristy McNichol is the girl next door, the female cousin to Huck Finn." —Stephen Farber, The New York Times, 1981

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duck said...

Just saw 'Little Darlings' and realized I dress exactly like her character in that movie. She gets double credit for being a tomboy and a master flirter. That first scene with Matt Dillon, where she's casually leaning out of the driver's side window of a school bus, teasing him with some serious gum-popping sass... I'm 28 and I still can't talk to boys like that. Hot damn.