UNIFORM | Jesse Kamm

Jesse Kamm. A name that has become synonymous with high-end artisanal fashion. Since 2005, Kamm has been creating modern classics that are not only durable in material, but durable in style. The Jesse Kamm cult following reads like a who's who of cool Eastside L.A. women, including photographer Hilary Walsh who modeled for the Spring 2013 collection lookbook below.

What's so great about Jesse Kamm is that she flat out doesn't want to be a big label. And it's not political or a desire to be super indie, she simply just wants to live a balanced life. As professional success is so often attributed by personal sacrifice these days, Kamm's philosophy is more than a refreshing outlook. Indeed, Kamm and her husband and son spend their summers in Panama surfing and living in a house they built with their own hands.

Her common-sense yet unconventional philosophies also apply to fashion. Kamm says, "Vogue girls wouldn't get [my clothes] because my designs don't follow trends." Kamm believes the Jesse Kamm girl to be fiercely independent and uninterested by the fashion circus. I personally love how there's consistency with Jesse Kamm from season to season, shapes and materials repeat, collections aren't wildly different every six months. There's something so honest and genuine about her designs, you can tell she's only designing what she truly wants to wear.

Jesse Kamm's clothing consists of high-end materials with the idea that these "uniforms" can be worn non-stop: from a business meeting to a nice dinner to late evening lounging. "It's all about physical comfort and ease," Kamm says. But somehow JK makes that look so damn chic too.

And as if Jesse Kamm's surfing and house-building wasn't enough tomboy style, one of her most prized possessions is an old binocular case. Find Jesse Kamm clothing and accessories at one of these fine retailers.

P.S. A few years ago Jesse was Q+A'd on Tomboy Style too!


Jana Miller said...

Purse with a compass! So adorable :)
Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

Sasha said...

It is so refreshing to see designers taking such an honest and relaxed approach to fashion. And what a great hat!

Laurel Canyon said...

I must have those blue pants they are perfect with heels or Tretorns for summer.

Sue said...

I think the nearest we have to Jesse Kamm in the UK is Toast. The clothes are as you say "artisan" and there is a lovely naive aspect to them. Beautiful images and beautiful clothes.

criscrascrus said...

I didn't know she but thank you for show because I love it!

Tradlands said...

Everything about this post is amazing.

A summer house in Panama to live and surf? <3
I went on my first surf lesson recently and definitely understand when surfers talk about how they catch the surfing bug.
How cool is it to ride a wave?

@Lizzie weren't you a rad little body boarding kid?

mamavalveeta03 said...

I love Jesse's business approach. She wants a life, and she's going to have it! Good for her for getting her priorities straight.

Her clothes are beyond amazing! The simple lines are timeless.

demetria said...

so inspired by that first outfit

Classiq said...

This is my idea of timeless style. I love Jessie's philosophy.

Aja Lake [the gold hat.] said...

"common-sense yet unconventional"--words to live by.

archana said...

I so want that bag with the compass. Sad that there are not online retailers carrying it.

kadenscott said...

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