Q&A | Jesse Kamm

Photos of Jesse Kamm by Lucas Brower and Linlee Allen.

After my friend Agnes turned me onto Jesse's clothing line and then her blog, it was all over for me. Jesse embodies the laid-back Southern California surfer tomboy lifestyle, all while running her business, being a mother, wife, blogger and karate-chopper.

If not in Los Angeles, I would live in...Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

My dream holiday would be to...go on a surf trip to Mentawais, Indonesia with a bunch of bros for two weeks.

My current obsessions are...eating kale chips fresh from my garden and frozen plain yogurt topped with sea salt and maple syrup; listening to the Talking Heads; shopping for Rachel Comey dresses and at Kickpleat in Austin, TX.

I channel my childhood self when I...take my morning walk. I like to do karate kicks and chops to shake off the stress. It is super dorky and hilarious.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...wear sunscreen, but expose as much skin as possible for max suntan. Take a hike, ride my bike, surf some waves, put my feet in the sand for as long as possible.

My favorite quality in a man is...loyalty.

My favorite quality in a woman is...honesty.

I'm terrified of...gravity taking its toll on my bod. But oh well, it is inevitable.

My dream car is a...
anything from the 1985 Diesel Mercedes series. I have a wagon and a sedan, but the coupe would compete the collection. Hmmm, but I would also love a mint VW Westfalia pop up camper van. I am not actually a woman with many wants, but this is a pretty fun game!

My cocktail of choice is...a tie between a Jack and Coke and a Mojito.

My most important beauty item is...bronzer.

My celebrity crush is...Ryan Gosling.

My friends and I like to...have slumber parties, pretend we are not mothers and have no worries, drink lots, and laugh until someone chokes or pees.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...the 70s.

As a teenager I was totally into...Hammer pants, ghetto blasters, and walking down the empty country roads of Illinois dressed like Cindy Lauper while singing "Girls Just want to have Fun".

I tend to splurge on... shoes.

Spending six days out of seven in a hat, wearing overalls, and digging in the dirt...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


Lexie, Little Boat said...

totally agree with the ryan gosling crush! and she has great hair!

Rebecca said...

And who could argue with the pink zinc?

jeaneg said...

Wow! She is the first one with short hair since a long time. I love it

jeaneg said...

Wow! She is the first one with short hair since a long time. I love it

Anonymous said...

love the hair too and the pink zinc! great style

Tonia said...

can we be bff's? we have similar haircuts and we're both farmy. i've only surfed once, though. i stick to snowboarding because we have SNOW here, not ocean. but i could learn! please say yes! :P

Ashley said...

I love this blog. Please never stop posting. I think about these interviews all day after reading them :) I wish I could pull off a short tomboy hair look -- she rocks it !!

wholesale clothing said...

Love your hair, it's perfect with you! and oh yes please do update your blog always, I'm following.

bigBANG studio said...

Catching up here and LOVE that you profiled Jesse- she's such a laid-back West Coast style icon with that great chop. Fabulous.

Dip-tea said...

Her hair is fantastic and so is her attitude!


Just found out about Jesse a couple of months ago. I totally have a crush on her attitude. She looks amazing and her brain is even more amazing.