GEAR | Mountain Light Cascade Boots by Danner

I just finished the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed and really loved it. Anyone who has ever backpacked or been out in the wilderness for multiple days will relate to the intimate and kind of weird relationship you form with your backpack and boots. Portland, Oregon-based Danner Boots recreated the Wild boots for the movie coming out this December and I'm so glad they weren't simply turned into a prop. It's not so easy to find a classic hiking boot of high quality that doesn't look too techy—and these would look as great on the Pacific Crest Trail as they would with a pair of jeans in the city. Check these American-made beauties out here, and below is little vid about how the boots' role in the movie came to be.

P.S. Our factory visit to Danner this summer.

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Archana said...

My hiking boots are made by Danner. And i think they are the most awsome pair i ever owned. I can totally relate to the attachment to the boots and backpack. But not the book. I tried to get through it. Gave up half way. Too much of emotional baggage to read. Someones elses baggage to read about.

Becca said...

14218Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I loved the book. Not sure about Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl though!

Aya said...

I loved hiking the PCT and Strayed's book, but I wouldn't dare wear these boots for the PCT. They're quite cute though.