ICON | Bernice Bing

Photos of Bernice Bing via Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts (above) and The Asian-American Women Artists Association (below).

"I do believe that one of the reasons she was able to garner a one-woman show at the Batman Gallery was because of her fearless large-scale canvases, similar to what her male-counterparts were producing. Bing was a fierce painter and she could hold her own. In this bohemian milieu, the masculine world of the literati and the male subjectivity of Abstract Expressionism dominated."—Jen Banta as told to Layla Gibbon for the City Lights blog. 

Check out the full interview here, an insight into a underrated artist and the prejudice that occurred within the Beatnik/Avant Garde circles of the 1950s and 60s.

[Thank you Layla, for bringing "Bingo" into my consciousness.]


Suju said...

Look forward to reading the whole article. I'm guessing you know about this? http://www.womeninclothes.com/
Seems right up your alley.

Lizzie said...

Just ordered it! Thank you Suju!

Anonymous said...

One of Bingo's friends says in the film "The Worlds of Bernice Bing" that the first thing she thought about Bernice was "she's so Butch." And describes her dressing in zoot suits and smoking shermans in the morning.