DESIGN | Menus of the 50s and 60s

As fashion continues to take design cues from the 20th century—from 50s architecture (Dana Lee's Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the color palette of Russel Wright as one example) to 80s surfwear and outdoor brands—this trove of old restaurant menus from the 1950s and 1960s seemed like a fun share. I love how playful they are and the colors and fonts are endlessly inspirational. All found via the LA Public Library.


Tassels and Ties said...

I don't think it's pc, but I love the design of the Mandarin House menu! This is a great post!

Amelie Q said...

Those are fantastic, thank you!

Rebecca said...

Oh. My. goodness.
This is in contention for favorite post ever.
I want to graphic design my whole life this way!!!!