EVENT | Tomboy Style x Vere Verto at Shelter Half

Photos by Paige Smith, styling by Amy Keller.

So something funny happened the other week. I was photographing a sample of the Vere Verto Mox bag on my friend Zinzi in all its multi-functional glory, and just thought, "wow, this really is the bag." I told the girls behind the brand how much I liked it and then they decided to photograph me  in all its multi-functional glory.

Obviously we needed to celebrate all this, so we're having a party on Thursday night (11/7). Come by! There will be Tomboy Style books, Vere Verto bags, Let's Be Frank hot dogs and all the incredible American-made goods that are standard issue at Shelter Half.


Anonymous said...

Wish I lived in L.A. so bad!!!

Anonymous said...

Also who makes the green checked button-down?

Lizzie said...


It's a Madewell popover, here's the link, but not a lot of sizes left:


Anonymous said...

Which are those jeans with pink mark on the Back pocket? Looks perfect!

Lizzie said...

@Anon They're MiH. They make really great quality jeans.