MOMENT | Labor Day

Photos of women in the labor force between 1930 and 1950 via The Library of Congress.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend; wear the hell out of them white jeans.


I'm outta here for a week, but will be back next Monday (9/9)! In the mean time, keep up with Tomboy Style on Instagram.


MarLa said...


Tradlands said...

I recently found some images from this set of women railroad workers of the 1930's from my partners hometown.

I like the images of the women painting the emblems on the airplane hoods.

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kundalini said...

I SWEAR I had a post about Rosies queued up and voila here it is! lol

Mary Desing said...

I love that most of them have such nicely painted nails! :)

Lauren Knight said...

This is fantastic. I am so inspired!