UNIFORM | Margaret Howell

Photo via Miss Blue Jean.

Loving each and every piece by Margaret Howell SO much—especially the above shot of her soft leather loafers ($560...dang, well, there's always these guys).

ICON | Gloria Guinness

Photo of Gloria Guinness in 1966 by Cecil Beaton for Harper's Bazaar via Rare Vintage.

Harper's Bazaar: Do you always wear white sharkskin tousers and men's cotton tops in black or navy when you are on holiday in Acapulco?

Gloria Guinness: Yes I do, is that wrong?

HB: Do you have anything special for the evenings?

GG: I comb my hair.

UNIFORM | Fishing with Bing Crosby

Photo of Bing Crosby and his daughter Mary displaying a marlin caught in Baja California in the late 1960s by Douglas Kirkland.

"I guess you’d think I was a cheerleader or something but I was kind of one of those outsiders. I was a hopeless tomboy who likes to read. Still am. I’m not anything like I am on TV." —Mary Crosby

Barbour Alliance Men's Shawl ($204); Open Crown Hat ($34); James Pant by Steven Alan ($169); Rod Case.

NOISE | Memoryhouse

Photo of Memoryhouse via Musicology NYC.

My favorite Zombies song, This Will Be Our Year, covered just beautifully by Memoryhouse, thanks to the latest of the always-ace playlists by Miss Moss. Have a good weekend!

GRID | Time Machine

Meghan Doherty and I sat around this afternoon and created a fun little fantasy grid that consists of who we'd hang out with, where we'd hang out, and what we'd wear in our wildest dreams of each decade starting in the 20s. We'd LOVE to know your who's, what's and where's too!

1920s: Zelda Fitzerald, Chanel, Fingerless Driving Gloves ($79), 21.
1930s: Marlene Dietrich, Elsa Schiaparelli, Illesteva "Leonard" Sunglasses ($165), Grand Prix.
1940s: Katharine Hepburn, Women's Army Corp. standard issue, I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson ($30+), The Beverly Hills Hotel.
1950s: Jean Seberg, Lady Levi's, Dave Brubeck's Quartet, Vassar College.
1960s: Françoise Hardy, Yves Saint Laurent, Vans Since 1966, Carnaby Street, London.
1970s: Diane Keaton, Gucci, Gucci Portfolio ($500); Saturday Night Live's Studio 8H.
1980s: Kim Gordon, Ralph Lauren's women's collection, Swatch, The Roxy.
1990s: Sofia Coppola, Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, Dr. Martens ($104), The Knitting Factory on Houston St.
2000s: Jenna Lyons, Phoebe Philo for Chloé, Alexander McQueen skull scarf ($285), Brooklyn Flea.

SCENE | The White Mountains

Photo of a woman drinking straight from Profile Lake in New Hampshire after skiing by Kenneth D. Smith for National Geographic, 1920.

SCENE | The Australian Outback

1980 Bruce Weber photo for Vogue scanned from the January 2012 issue of British Vogue.

UNIFORM | Margaret Bourke-White

Photo of Margaret Bourke-White, the first female war correspondent and LIFE photographer, shown here on assignment covering cavalry and artillery on the Italian front during action in WWII, 1944.

“Usually I object when someone makes overmuch of men's work versus women's work, for I think it is the excellence of the results which counts.” —Margaret Bourke-White

Fjallraven Crinan jacket ($299); Silk hand-printed Nelli scarf ($135); Camo Helmet bag ($21); Bass Nikki boots in black and in tan and brown ($109).

UNIFORM | Weekend Wardrobe

Two things I love: an over-sized flannel and an over-sized watch. What about you? Have a cozy weekend.

NOISE | Kim Carnes

An oldie-but-goodie by "the female Rod Stewart". Gotta love the early 80s.

ICON | Alice Marble

Photo of actress Carole Lombard and tennis pro Alice Marble via Historiful.

As a young child, Marble was always interested in sports, especially baseball. She wrote in her memoir that she and her brother Tim attended SF Seals games, going early “so we could play catch in the bleachers before the game.” Thinking Marble was a boy, a player one day asked her to play catch with him. “I kept expecting someone to tell me to leave,” Marble wrote. “Instead, my hero, Lefty O’Doul, asked me to shag flies for him. Joe DiMaggio, beside me in center field, yelled encouragement.” Before long, local newspapers printed stories about the new “Seals mascot,” and a San Francisco Examiner sportswriter dubbed Marble the “Little Queen of Swat.” —Lorri Ungaretti, A Remarkable Life: Alice Marble

CONTEMPORARY | Stephanie Gilmore

Photo of pro surfer and Quiksilver Ambassador Stephanie Gilmore via Surfing Magazine.

"My sisters did ballet when we were younger and I remember sitting in the car with my dad and going 'can we hurry up and go surfing!?, I'm sick of waiting for my sisters and their ballet classes.'" —Stephanie Gilmore, laughing in an interview from Quiksilver's The Water Dancer short film series.

ICON | Brigitte Bardot

Photo Brigitte Bardot driving a go-kart in Paris by John Springer, 1961.

WORD | Foam Magazine

This month's Foam cover girl, Ashley Smith shot by Jason Lee Parry and IMG model Alex by Alexander Wagner.

The Feb/March 2012 issue of Foam is out. And it is perfect.

ICON | Naomi Sims

Photos of supermodel Naomi Sims in 1969 by AP and by Berry Berenson, 1972.

"To always be aware of your face, your figure, to always have to wonder if you hair and nails are perfect—it's not healthy. Maybe for a few years. Not for a lifetime." —Naomi Sims


My friend Amy turned me onto the L.A. shop RTH late last year (I know I'm a little late on this one) and I've been going back as much as possible—if not for all the incredible merch, then just to breathe in the intoxicating cedar and leather aroma that densely fills their little retail space on La Cienega.

ICON | Rosemarie Coover

Photos of 13-year-old Rosemarie Coover by Richard Avedon for LIFE, 1951.

Fashion photographer Richard Avedon first saw 13-year-old Rosemarie Coover as he was getting out of a cab in front of a New York restaurant. She was dressed in blue jeans and a boy's undershirt like a thousand other East Side urchins, and, hopeful of a tip, was holding open the door of Avedon's cab. For this favor the photographer gave her a quarter and a perfunctory glance. The glance did it; his trained eye swept past her stringy, ash-blond hair and her gawky, stoop-shouldered frame. "All I saw," says Avedon, "was those wonderful facial bones." After negotiating with Rosemarie and Mama Coover about modeling fees, Avedon took the child and her wonderful bones to his studio where he first photographed her in a high-fashion glamour pose. Then he took her to her tenement flat and photographed her in the blue jeans and undershirt. He showed his results to Jerry Ford of the Ford Model Agency who was so impressed that he immediately signed Rosemarie up. —LIFE Magazine August 27, 1951.

CONTEMPORARY | Sarah Rosenberg

Sarah Rosenberg, of the Atlantic-Pacific-esque blog Rosenbklyn, is definitely one to watch. She works for Ralph Lauren and lives in Brooklyn with her husband who snaps all her photos—and she tells me she married him in a wedding dress and pink wingtip brogues (!). Check her out!

SCREEN | Zabriskie Point

Photo of Daria Halprin, co-star of the 1970 film Zabriskie Point via Jungle Key.

Just watched this film and became totally enamored with Halprin and her early 70s style.

UNIFORM | Han Kjøbenhavn tee

I know it's a $115 tee shirt and it's designed for a man, but I can't stop stalking the indigo striped pocket tee by Han Kjøbenhavn. Illogical, impractical and perfect.

MOMENT | The Freedom Rides of 1961

Mug shots of some of the many volunteer civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated South in 1961 sourced from Breach of Peace: Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders.

"We decided that we were going to take up the freedom ride. There was no second thought really...We met with [The Nashville Christian Movement] and told them what what we wanted to do. Of course they felt it would be too dangerous, and told us not come. We were calling him not to get permission, but to tell them we were coming."—Catherine Burks-Brooks (photo top right).