SCENE | Poolside at The Chateau

Photo of the Chateau Marmont pool by Simons Finnerty.

It's offically August, so I'm taking a little summer siesta from the blog. Back in a week!

Anyone doing anything fun or adventurous this summer? Or just laying low?


Anonymous said...

Great photo. Makes me want to call in sick from work this week. :)

The Muse or The Poet? said...

I went on an archaeological dig earlier this Summer, so now the rest of my
Summer is sad and boring in comparison!
I'd so love to be in that pool though!

Feminine Touch said...

Love it!

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Zalina said...

Just got back from Dallas, Texas. Went to Austin and San Antonio. And boy was it hot! 109 degrees everyday and everywear. Hope you are not going there now.

By the way, love your blog!

Alexandra said...

Looks like perfection!

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