Photo of fashion photography super-agent Julie Brown of M.A.P. filling up a Mercedes SLS roadster in London by Daniel Riera, styled by Jonathan Kaye, scanned from issue No. 5 of The Gentlewoman.

Julie is wearing her own navy Versace jacket, a white silk shirt by CĂ©line and a pair of Levi's.


blue roses said...

the crisp whiteness of the blouse contrasting with the cool masculinity of the blazer is perfection.

Charlotte Wilder said...

I love this shot. Her clothes match her mood so precisely--easy, laid back, but focused and serious at the same time. Lovely post.

mamavalveeta03 said...

I love that she fems it up a bit with the addition of high-heeled booties or heels (can't tell from the pic). Cool.