UNIFORM | Margaux Arramon-Tucoo

Photo of French surfer Margaux Arramon-Tucoo by Kassia Meador via The Swallowtail Society.

"I grew up in Biarritz, France in front of the ocean, and in my mom’s arty workshop. People inspire my soul and I travel to feed my mind in the sea and on Earth. I am close to nature and passionate with all that humans have to share at their purest state. I am thankfull to have two hands and observating eyes with which I can create with no limitations. Clear soul, Balance and Grace are my major words." —Margaux Arramon-Tucoo

Lymore Tee ($56); Skimboard; A.P.C. Anchor Denim Bag ($25); 10 Crosby Ikat Shorts ($225).


mygirldaphne said...

the ikat shorts are beautiful.

Vanessa said...

Margaux is quickly becoming my favorite girls name, it seems to be attached to the most beautiful, free-spririted women!

blue roses said...

i discovered your blog over the weekend, and am totally hooked. i am very much so looking forward to the book coming out!

what an incredible free and wanton spirit; great inspiration for my sometimes overbearing pragmatism.

erica said...

Don't forget to mention the cute bracelet she is wearing from The Keep A Breast Foundation. Margaux and the Photographer Kassia Meador are Keep A Breast Foundation ambassadors and love to wear these fabric bracelets from the organizations cause merchandise line! So Cute!


Anonymous said...

Aren't most tomboys practical? I agree with investment pieces, but $225 shorts?? That's hi-larious.