ICON | Sylvie Vartan

Photo of French singer Sylvie Vartan by Jack Burlot, 1967.


Hilary Nicole said...

I would love to do more research on here. Such a cool lady. Have a wonderful weekend!

XO Hilary

shawnee said...

Yes! Sylvie!
Last year (before I knew who she was) I bought her first album based solely on the cover at a co-op radio record sale.
Best $0.25 that I ever spent.

Ophelia said...

Her hair is quite inspiring!


WendyB said...

Love her...was just reading a lot about her recently!

Philippe Booch said...

Sylvie Vartan during her beginning period.
Cool outfit... but what a terrible singer, my god !
I wonder if those pictures are taken her song "comme un garçon", yes, she sang a song called "tomboy" in french !

philippe Booch said...


Rocco1 said...

She was and still is wonderful

Watch and listen this