ICON | Millicent Fenwick

Photo of Philippe and Millicent Fenwick by Henry Clarke, 1951; newspaper scan via Formosa Pipa Club.

"The best writers of fiction might have struggled to make her believable but they would have failed." —former New Jersey Governor Thomas H. Kean

Millicent Fenwick was a Vogue editor, Congresswoman, diplomat, civil rights activist, and pipe smoker. She was a rad lady.


Tynan, Angelica said...

Halloween, we have a costume!

Way beyond besotted with this one,

Anonymous said...

The guy in the background looks like Hunter S Thompson.

Anonymous said...

And of course the inspiration for Doonesbury's Lacey Davenport.

Anonymous said...

I like the glasses, now where can I get a pair : )


Lizzie said...

Try Warby Parker!

Samantha Reckford said...

She was also my great-grandmother: what a treat to see her featured here, on one of my favorite blogs! I have some of her pipes and her cane, as well as lots of antique luggage and jewelry that she passed down to my grandmother. I'm proud keep her tomboy style alive!